Undertaking Strategic Litigation

What is Strategic Litigation?

It is the method of taking evidence of gaps in existing laws and policies and their impact in survivors to respective High Courts and the Supreme court, seeking solutions.

Why it is important?

1) To see that laws are properly implemented.
2) To facilitate a change in the current legal system wherever there is a gap in laws.
3) To facilitate creation of new laws or policies which will amend the gaps.

What Tafteesh is doing

1. Filing of appealsbefore High Court against acquittal of traffickers.
2. Writ petitions filed against faulty police investigations in trafficking cases.
3. Filing Public Interest Litigations (PILs) on:
    a) Lack of Inter- State investigation of trafficking cases filed at Bombay High Court.
    b) Creation of a Rehabilitation and Reintegration policy for victims of Human Trafficking filed at Calcutta High Court.
    c) On the West Bengal Victim Compensation Scheme, 2017 being ultra vires to section 357A of the Code of Criminal Procedures, 1973.
4. Filing appeals at the State Legal Services Authority on victim compensation applications which have been rejected or inadequate compensation ordered by District Legal Services.
5. Contempt petitions filed in the Calcutta High Court against lower Courts failure to comply with the High Court’s order.