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Elimination of trafficking in persons, especially children, for commercial sexual exploitation or forced labour, or other forms of exploitation.
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Innovation is at the core of our DNA. At Tafteesh, we keep on adapting what we learn from our programme, and make collective strategies to achieve our mission
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Tafteesh has been working with various stakeholders with an objective to strengthen the system that facilitate survivors of trafficking access to justice. And Impact is what we are all about.
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Focus Areas

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Fund Our Programmes

We call upon international and domestic institutions and corporates to collaborate with Tafteesh and provide financial support required to run and upscale the programme

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Become Volunteer

Volunteer with Tafteesh and support us and our member organisations with your professional skills and services pro-bono. Please write to us at [email protected]

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Be An Ambassador

Join Tafteesh and learn what we do to strengthen the anti-human trafficking ecosystem. Write about our work and achievements, and promote those in your networks.

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Inability to pay victim compensation, a sorry state of affairs: HC

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